“You can’t build a successful business alone, you need a good team around you” – Gordon Tan.

On this weeks episode of Client Heartbeat Mondays, Gordon gives you some tips on how to become a better small business leader.

This video will take you through four key areas you can focus on to improve as a leader.

  • Vision: articulating a compelling end game is important. Be passionate about your end goal and offer something that inspires your staff.
  • Communication: it’s important you communicate your vision with your staff. Make sure you get buy-in from them.
  • Trust: one of the most important things when it comes to leadership. Gordon recommends leading by example and making sure you do what you say you’re going to do.
  • Accountability: lots of technical guys struggle with the ability to let go and take yourself out of the equation  Good leaders have the ability to give employees responsibility, giving them a sense of ownership. By doing this you are no-longer need to micro-managed… but remember, mkake sure you hold your employees accountable!

Watch the full video here:

Tips and Suggestions

A couple of tips to help you become a better leader.

1. Implement a 360 degree management feedback program

This is something Gordon use to do every year and involves letting employees anonymously leave you feedback on where you need to improve as a business and leader. You give your employees a performance a review, it’s only fair they can give you a review and judge your overall performance.

2. Book recommend: Naked Leadership by David Bently

This is a great book that gives you insights into the core values that successful leaders possess.

It gave me a new perspective on the ways to look at things and be a better leader.

Gordon Tan

Gordon Tan is an entrepreneur based in Australia who has started and sold multiple technology companies with a combined value of $150m. This included a client satisfaction benchmarking platform which gave him first hand insight into the best practices of over 6,000 businesses. After retiring at 35 he is now a recognised thought leader on winning and retaining clients - His two passions: making clients the heartbeat of a business no matter what the product or service and this blog.

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