3 Customer Experience Ideas You Can Still Implement Before 2014 Ends

We’re heading to the end of 2014 – the year of the customer experience. If you still haven’t implemented a customer experience strategy, it’s not too late.

We’ve talked a lot about customer experience this year, everything from what it is, why it’s important and how you can improve it. But, if you’ve been stuck for time, here are three customer experience ideas you can still implement before the years end.


1. Adapt to evolving customer expectations











Customer expectations are changing. Online shopping has increased competition and social media has put the spotlight on customer service. Consumers now have the power to share their opinions and experiences with thousands of people. Smart businesses are improving the experience for their customers with a hope of creating a competitive advantage.

These changes will have an effect on your customers. They now expect more from you. If you want to stay competitive and continue to retain their business, you need to improve the customer experience to meet your customer’s new expectations.

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2. Stop selling products, start selling experiences

“Customers are no longer buying products and services – they are buying experiences delivered via the products and services.” – Tweet This

Those are the words of Gregory Yankelovich, customer experience veteran and CEO of Customer Experience IQ.

Businesses around the world are now competing in highly commoditized markets; customers have all the power. With so many choices and so much information available, what’s going to convince customers to buy from you?

The customer experience. This is the way to win over new prospects, keep existing clients and build a business that flourishes well into the future.

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3. Start using technology to enhance the customer experience











New technology is now available that can help your business improve the experience for customers. Here are three ways that you can use technology to create a better experience.

Offer a more personalized experience. Technologies – like HubspotMarketo and Eloqua – can be used to collect useful data from your customers. You now have the ability to collect contact information, website behavior, buying behaviour and customer service behaviour– all automatically. For example, we use customer experience tools to collect customer data and personalize the marketing communications that we send to our customers and subscribers.

Make it easy for customers. Your customers are busy people and they are now being asked to use all sorts of devices at their jobs. Make use of mobile technologies – like mobile optimized websites and mobile apps – to extend the customer experience and make it easier for customers to digest your information and communications. Disney does a great job of using mobile apps to make information about their theme parks easily accessible via while a customer is on the go.

Unify customer service channels. Your customers are reaching out to you via so many different customer service channels that it’s hard to keep up, let alone systemize it. You need to accommodate these new expectations and streamline your customer service to ensure you offer a consistent customer experience to everyone.

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Implement these customer experience ideas before 2014 ends

We have three and half months left in 2014 – the year of the customer experience. If you have not yet implemented any customer experience initiatives, now is the time. These are three simple ideas that can help you on your way to creating an experience that increases customer satisfaction and keeps customers coming back for more.

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