• How To Create And Use Customer Feedback Loops To Improve Customer Happiness

    Since 89% of customers would switch to a competitor if they felt their experience was poor, it’s vitally important for you to have feedback loops in place to catch unhappy customers and collect insight. Business growth is held back when you lose customers. Feedback loops will help you create happier customers, which is the key to business

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  • How Do You Calculate Your Net Promoter Score? Try One Of These Five Software Tools

    How do you measure the customer experience? One metric you can use is your Net Promoter Score (NPS). Your Net Promoter Score is a number that represents how loyal your customers are – a calculation that takes into consideration happy customers (promoters), satisfied customers (passives) and unhappy customers (detractors). Calculating your NPS starts with asking your customers one

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  • 10 Most Popular Client Heartbeat Blog Posts In 2013

    As 2014 gets back into full swing, I want to highlight some of our most popular blog posts in 2013. What a year for the Client Heartbeat Blog. We started from nothing, 0 subscribers, 0 visitors and no blog. By years end we built a blog and newsletter that now helps over 12,000 business professionals every month. In February we

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  • 4 Reasons Why Customer Advocacy Is Important To Your Business

    4 Reasons Why Customer Advocacy Is Important To Your Business Customer advocacy is a marketing term for a customer-focused strategy that encompasses all aspects of contact a company has with its customers, including experiences with products, services, sales, support and complaints. Customer advocacy is important because it provides marketers and business owners with a way to

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  • A Thanksgiving Lesson In The Customer Experience: Why You Must Be Transparent With Your Business Hours During Holiday Periods

    Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday in the United States that Americans observe surrounded by family, food and football in honor of the harvest celebration that the Pilgrims held in Plymouth. But as an Australian in the United States, I found myself working that Thursday and searching desperately for restaurants and cafes that were open so

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  • The Simplest And Most Accurate Way To Measure Customer Satisfaction With Client Heartbeat

    Measuring customer satisfaction is one of the best ways you can benchmark and improve your customer experience. But how do you measure customer satisfaction? Unlike measuring your Net Promoter Score (NPS), there isn’t a clear-cut way to measure how happy or unhappy your customers are with the products and services you deliver. There are various customer satisfaction metrics you can

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