MSP Service Benchmarks: Partnership

In today’s video, Gordon takes a deep dive into the metric of Partnership, one the four key MSP service benchmark metrics you should be tracking.

Partnership is the feeling of collaboration, the feeling of working together with your customers.

The industry average for Partnership, as determined by Client Heartbeat, is 8.6. The best in class companies sit at 9.3 (quite high).

Gordon went out to speak with the top performers and discovered three unique distinctions that made them better than their average counterparts.

Here are the differences:

1) Quarterly Business Review: top performers schedule regular quarterly meetings – this way they have regular contact with their customers and gives them an opportunity to learn more about how they can work together.

2) Client Reporting: top performers really invested in client reporting – making the reports top quality and easily digestible. They really cared that their customers saw value in the services they were offering. If you’re not currently doing client reporting, Gordon recommends focusing on reporting around service delivery. Brightgauge can help you here.

3) Charge More: A lot of the top performers were actually charging more. After a deeper look into this, Gordon found the reason for this is if they charge more, they can commit more resources and time. This extra time meant their customers felt more loved and there was more time to look into ways to work together.

Watch the full video:

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