Most Influential MSP Experts 2013

influencial msp experts

Top 10 MSP Experts

After a month of voting the public has decided the MSP industry’s most influential experts. Here’s how the voting ended.

Here are the top 10:

1. Karl Palachuk – @karlpalachuk (232 votes)
2. Chris Timm – @Tegwin (159 votes)
3. Dave Seibert – @Dave_Seibert (141 votes)
4. Gareth Brown – @GarethBrown (117 votes)
5. Jay McBain – @jmcbain (115 votes)
6. Bryn Morgan – @brynmorgan (74 votes)
7. Stuart Selbst – @MSPCoach (58 votes)
8. Richard Tubb – @tubblog (52 votes)
9. Joshua Feinberg – @joshua_feinberg (47 votes)
10. Robin Robins – @robinrobins (34 votes)

Follow up interviews:

Full List of Nominations:

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