How to turn satisfied customers into raving advocates [VIDEO]

turn customers into advocates

How important are referrals to your business?

In this video episode of Client Heartbeat Mondays, Gordon takes you through a couple of strategies you can use to turn your satisfied customers into raving advocates.

A recent study by Client Heartbeat found that the industry’s best IT Companies have 56% of their customers regularly referring new business to them.

Imagine if over half of your clients regularly referred new business to you?

Gordon outlines partnership and advice as the key factors you need to be implementing to create raving advocates. 

1. Partnership

Partnership is the level of collaboration and pro-activeness between your organisation and your client. Gordon recommends you stop thinking about the money and start doing some services for free. You should also start thinking like their IT Manager – become their trusted IT advisor and try to sit in on their company meetings.

By doing this, you become a dependency. You will have built some real trust with your client, which then makes it a lot easier for them to recommend you in the future.

2. Advice

This involves offering ongoing education to your client. You should try sending out a monthly e-newsletter. In the newsletter you can offer industry insights, the latest news on Office 365 or Windows 8 – the key here to make sure its something valuable and educational.

Gordon recommends putting together some training days. Ask your client to nominate a couple of their employees and invite them into your offices for a day of free training – train them up on Windows 2013 or Windows 8 – these are a couple of hot products at the moment.

Here’s the video:

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