How to Increase Customer Loyalty and stop that BIG customer from leaving [VIDEO]

how to build customer loyalty

How loyal are your customers?

If they experienced one mishap from your end, how likely would they be to cancel their contract?

In today’s episode of Client Heartbeat Mondays, I take you through five strategies to help retain your customers through building customer loyalty.

A study by U.S. Small Business Administration found that 68% of  customers who decide to cancel their contract with server providers check ‘unhappy with service’ as the reason for leaving. 

That’s a lot of unhappy customers.

I hope by providing some insights into how you can improve your customer loyalty, you can keep your customers happy.

Here are the five customer loyalty strategies I cover:

  • Set expectations early
  • Become a trusted adviser
  • Be proactive
  • Use automation
  • Use customer feedback surveys

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