How to hire the BEST people for your IT Company [VIDEO]

how to hire best people

Gordon knows what makes a good hire and what makes a bad hire. He spent over four years working in the IT recruitment space and was exposed to various styles of hiring.

Today, you’re going to learn the inside secrets to hiring the BEST people for your IT Company.

Here’s a quick summary of the three tips Gordon covers in the video:

  • Wait for the right person: this is super important; you can’t rush your hiring process. Gordon recommends using all the recruiting channels available – recruiters, staff recommendations, contacts, everyone. Why? Because people make your business successful. So, calm down, relax, take your time, and don’t hire anyone hastily.
  • Pay people what they’re worth: having been on both sides of the table, Gordon says there is nothing worse than trying to negotiate salaries as if they are phone contracts. Trying to niggle down salaries is the number one thing that ticks off candidates. Gordon has seen this rot the entire culture of some companies..
  • Look for character: most IT Companies think about trying to hire the most technically experienced candidate. Gordon recommends looking at finding a good balance between technical skills and characteristics. The best candidates have a positive energy, have ability to energise others and have a competitive mindset. He talks more about this in his latest article on what the fastest growing MSPs are doing that others aren’t.

Watch the video here:

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