8 Customer Satisfaction Software Tools (comparison & review)

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Customer Satisfaction is a key indicator to how happy your customers are with the level of service you are delivering. Customer satisfaction software can help you measure satisfaction which can you insight into ways to achieve high satisfaction, build ‘sticky’ customer loyalty and reduce customer churn. With research from RightNow showing that 86% of customers quit doing business with a company due to a poor customer experience, it’s important you focus on tracking customer satisfaction to find ways to increase satisfaction.

Horst Schulz, former president of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, was famously quoted as saying, “Unless you have 100% customer satisfaction…you must improve.”

His comments couldn’t be closer to the truth. That’s why I’m going to help you evaluate the best customer satisfaction software tools that you can use to measure and improve customer satisfaction.

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As I compare these eight customer satisfaction software options, I will be looking at which tool is best for sending customer surveys and which is best at collecting data for actionable insight. I’ll also compare each tools’ benefits that make them unique and give you an overview of their pricing plans.

1. SurveyMonkey


SurveyMonkey is the industry leading online survey tool, used by millions of businesses across the world. Its primary focus is to help you create any sort of survey, not just customer satisfaction surveys. This makes it a very flexible customer satisfaction software tool, but does mean it lacks some features when it comes to measuring satisfaction and getting actionable feedback.


SurveyMonkey surveys are pretty basic but do the trick. The free version doesn’t give you much flexibility for customization so I definitely recommend getting a paid account. Customizing your surveys with your company name, brand and colors are all essential components to creating a kick-ass customer survey (you need a paid account to do that in SurveyMonkey). From the survey’s we’ve tested with SurveyMonkey, you can expect survey response rates between 5-15%.

Collecting Data for Actionable Insight:

Data collection using SurveyMonkey is good for once off surveys. You can easily divulge the data and it can give you good feedback on what your customers think about your product or service. Where I see the tool does let you down is measuring or tracking customer satisfaction from one period to the next. It doesn’t have the capability to track individual feedback across two surveys, so you can’t see if satisfaction levels have improved or declined. This is important if you want to improve customer satisfaction, because how else can you see whether what you are doing is helping or negatively impacting satisfaction?

Three Benefits of SurveyMonkey:

  • Really easy to get started.
  • Lots of flexibility in what questions you want to ask.
  • Free account to try (but remember to upgrade and brand your survey).


  • Free Plan gives you up to 10 questions and 100 responses (SurveyMonkey branding).
  • $19/mth Plan gives you unlimited questions and responses, plus branding and customization.
  • $25/mth Plan gives you all the above plus question and answer piping.
  • $65/mth Plan is for serious surveyors and probably not suited if you’re looking for a customer satisfaction software tool.

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2. Client Heartbeat

client heartbeat customer satisfaction software

Client Heartbeat is a tool built specifically to measure customer satisfaction. It is used by over 300 companies to survey clients, track changes in satisfaction levels and intelligently identify customers who might be ‘at risk’. What really separates Client Heartbeat from the other tools listed here is it’s simplicity at gathering customer feedback. The surveys, or ‘Heartbeats’, are so easy to complete which means it can help you get industry high survey response rates of over 65%.

Case Study: R&G Technologies tracks satisfaction to identify ‘at risk’ clients


Client Heartbeat surveys are really simple. The tool recommends questions you should ask based on what others are asking within your industry, but also lets you customize them. You can only customize four questions, and then Client Heartbeat asks two additional questions, making it six questions in total. By asking only six questions, it keeps the survey super simple, easy and helps get response rates of over 65%. Compared to traditional online survey tools that get 5-15%, this is one of the tools biggest selling points.

Collecting Data for Actionable Insight:

The tool tracks customer satisfaction from one survey period to the next. This means you can trend customer satisfaction scores over a period of time to see whether your client’s satisfaction is increasing, decreasing or remaining consistent. Why is that important? Because you want to know if the business initiatives you have implemented in the last quarter, actually trickled down to your clients and affected their satisfaction. Remember, a satisfied customer is a sticky and loyal customer.

monitor customer satisfaction

Three Benefits of Client Heartbeat:

  • Industry high survey response rates (participation) of 65%
  • Ability to track and trend satisfaction from one survey period to the next
  • Intelligently uses past scores and industry data to identify ‘at risk’ customers
  • Use the actionable feedback to improve customer satisfaction and retain more customers


  • Free 21 Day Trial (full branding, logo, colors available on all plans)
  • $25/mth Plan includes up to 50 contacts and two surveys per year
  • $57/mth Plan includes up to 500 contacts and unlimited surveys per year, plus CRM Syncing
  • $85/mth Plan includes up to 1000 contacts, unlimited surveys and free setup

“Using Client Heartbeat to track customer satisfaction has allowed us to pick up very small changes in their heartbeat which have allowed us to be on the front foot and address concerns before they become full blown problems.” – Kate Kuhle, Communications Manager at JBS Bookkeeping Services

3. SurveyGizmo

surveygizmo site

SurveyGizmo is another powerful and professional survey tool that can help you get customer feedback. The tool has customer satisfaction surveys that are completely customizable and they even has templates that can help you get started. Again, similar to SurveyMonkey, this customer satisfaction software option is tailored more to those who want to complete basic surveys and gather data for once off analysis. It lacks features that can help you intelligently analyze the data on an individual level or over a period of time.


The survey options are pretty bland with SurveyGizmo. In their paid plans you do have options to customize the branding and colors (highly recommended). You can ask all the basic questions and even advanced questions (like Net Promoter Score questions), so I think that’s quite handy and gives it some value over other more traditional online survey tools. Complete brand control is only available on the professional and enterprise plans, which is a bit disappointing.

Collecting Data for Actionable Insight:

Analyzing data is pretty straight forward with reporting features and even real-time reporting so you can keep the finger on the pulse of your customer satisfaction. There are lots of fancy features for displaying the data but no way to track and trend satisfaction scores from one survey period to the next.

Three Benefits of SurveyGizmo:

  • Very robust, lots of features to handle and display complex data (if you’re doing big satisfaction surveys).
  • Customer support is really good.
  • Net Promote Score question types can be easily inserted.


  • Free Plan with a maximum of 350 responses/month (no customization, SurveyGizmo branding).
  • $19/mth Plan gives you unlimited responses and some additional question type (no customization, SurveyGizmo branding),
  • $75/mth Plan gives you unlimited questions, full branding, customer themes and more.
  • $159/mth Plan gives you all above plus multiple teams, training and customer user roles.

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4. Customer Sure

customersure customer satisfaction software

Customer Sure offers a solution that focuses on customer feedback. This customer satisfaction software tool makes it easy to send customer surveys, gather the results and intelligently act on the feedback. Customer Sure goes beyond just customer satisfaction by also helping you gather reviews and run a help desk.


The surveys are really simple and take only minutes to fill out. There are recommended questions that are tailored towards customer satisfaction to help you get started. This helps a lot because one of the biggest problems I run into when talking to small and medium businesses is that they don’t ask the right questions when conducting customer satisfaction surveys.

Collecting Data for Actionable Insight:

I do like how Customer Sure lets you track customer satisfaction scores over time. You can see whether scores have increased or decreased from one survey period to the next. This is important to bring context to your data and help you make better decisions moving forward.

Three Benefits of Customer Sure:

  • Ability to trend customer satisfaction.
  • Recommended questions to help you get started.
  • Additional features like reviews and help desk make it a rounded platform (if you’re looking for more than just a customer satisfaction tool).


  • $49/mth Plan includes 1 survey and unlimited responses (2 users)
  • $99/mth Plan includes 10 surveys and unlimited responses (5 users)
  • $449/mth Plan includes unlimited surveys and unlimited responses (10 users)

I reached out to Guy Letts from Customer Sure to ask him what the tools most popular features were.

Our most popular features are the reviews which people embed in their websites to increase sales and SEO, and our integrated tools for following up, not just on feedback but also on all their customer service activities.” – Guy Letts, Customer Sure

5. Floqapp

floq app customer satisfaction tool

Floq is a customer satisfaction software tool that offers a simple yet robust survey and provides templates to get you started. The tool offers a complete solution that lets you survey customers via a link, email or popup; then it collects the data and puts it into reports. The reporting is a bit hard to actually drill down and see intelligence, so as long as you are just looking to measure customer satisfaction scores as a once off, it does a good job. Personally, I think you do need to be tracking customer satisfaction over a period of time so you can identify changes in scores and identify unhappy clients. Tracking satisfaction gives you actionable data that you can use to find out if what you are doing is having a positive or negative impact on satisfaction.


Floq offers lots of survey templates, nearly too many… it gets a bit overwhelming. All the surveys tend to be pretty long, so I would imagine the survey response rates you get will be around the standard 5-15%. What I like most about Floq is you can customize the surveys and questions yourself. But remember to keep your questions under 10, and ensure you have a purpose for asking each question.

Collecting Data for Actionable Insight:

This customer satisfaction software is good for compiling data for once off analysis. It has the capabilities to survey a lot of customers and look at that data intuitively, but doesn’t let you compare scores against past survey periods. I also believe this tool is designed for people that want full customization to ask specific questions relating to anything, opposed to just customer satisfaction. So if you want to know how your customer rates your XYZ Burger, you’ll be able to ask that question. This gives you actionable insight on a micro level, as opposed to Client Heartbeat and Customer Sure which gives you actionable insight from a macro, more holistic level.

Three Benefits of Floq:

  • Full customization and ability to ask personalized questions that are relevant to your business.
  • Great to get customer satisfaction insight on a micro level.
  • Lots of options for distribution, whether that be via a link, email, social media, popup, embed, QR codes, PDF.


  • Free Plan includes 2 surveys per month, 20 questions and 100 responses, Floq branding.
  • $19/mth Plan includes unlimited surveys, questions and responses, plus custom branding.
  • $49/mth Plan includes all above, plus 5 users.

6. PopSurvey


PopSurvey prides itself on simplicity and that’s shown within the tools survey and reporting features. They display questions in a fun, easy to understand way, and offer respondents the ability to click smiley faces to express their satisfaction (happy, sad, and neutral). This customer satisfaction tool claims to be the easiest software app on the market and has survey templates available to help you get started. I do love their mobile surveys – they look great on all devices and are super quick to complete.


PopSurvey has a ‘patent pending’ survey player design which separates the surveys into slides and automatically progresses them. This creates a slick experience for respondents and enables them to complete surveys quickly. You can test out their survey player in this sample survey. Other than that, its surveys are pretty similar to SurveyMonkey and SurveyGizmo.

Collecting Data for Actionable Insight:

PopSurvey is much like your regular online survey tool and offers simple reporting that gives you the obvious answers. If you want to delve deeper into the data and compare scores from past surveys or cross reference individual scores against each other, you’ll need to do that manually or find another customer satisfaction software tool.

Three Benefits of PopSurvey:

  • Very simple.
  • PopSurvey’s mobile surveys are stunning and really easy to fill out,
  • Extensive range of templates to help you get started.


  • $24/mth Plan includes three surveys and 300 responses.
  • $49/mth Plan includes 20 surveys and 10,000 responses.
  • $99/mth Plan includes unlimited surveys, unlimited responses, unlimited users.

7. Temper

temper customer satisfaction software

Temper is a spin-off from the same guys that created PopSurvey. But, this customer satisfaction software looks a lot better at gauging satisfaction as opposed to just being a survey tool. Temper sells itself as a way to improve customer satisfaction over time by measuring how your customers feel about your business. Similar to Client Heartbeat, Temper measures and tracks customer satisfaction over a period of time to give you real, actionable insight into the important areas of your business. Initial thoughts are that this tool is best suited for web-based businesses where a customer engages with you online.


You can ask whatever questions you want. So in theory, you can gather satisfaction across any topic you choose, not just service. Temper is unlike other customer satisfaction tools I’ve reviewed in that you can only ask one question at a time. The surveys are embedded on your website, or inserted at the end of an email, making it more suited to sending ‘on demand’ customer satisfaction ratings, after specific events or action. They take a more micro-level look at measuring customer satisfaction, just like Floq.

Collecting Data for Actionable Insight:

The reporting inside Temper is ok. It lets you see all your responses or ‘ratings’ and can see changes in your ratings across a period of time as more and more respondents complete the surveys. It doesn’t let you dig down on an individual level and track changes in satisfaction, nor does it give you personal information from the respondents – it’s all very much anonymous.

Three Benefits of Temper:

  • Really simple for visitors to fill out, definitely great for web-based companies.
  • Easy to get setup and start surveying.
  • Complete customization so you can ask whatever questions you want.


  • Free 14 day Trial, pretty limited.
  • $12/mth Plan gives you unlimited questions, 100 ratings (temper branding).
  • $49/mth Plan gives you unlimited questions, 1,000 ratings (temper branding).
  • $89/mth Plan gives you unlimited questions, 5,000 ratings (temper branding).
  • $199/mth Plan gives you unlimited questions, 20,000 ratings (no branding/white label).

Note: I really don’t like how you can’t brand the surveys… this really takes away the personal feel that helps to increase response rates and improve response quality.

8. Customer Thermometer

Customer Thermometer

Customer Thermometer is a customer satisfaction software tool that bills itself as the ‘ONE CLICK email feedback’ system.  It lets you setup surveys, or ‘Thermometers’ which are a custom email that includes only one question, some email copy and an email subject. Setting up the survey is a bit complicated, but once done, it’ll email the survey to your customers. From there you have access to real-time survey alerts and some robust reporting. It’s important to note that you can use customer lists and send emails out in bulk. To do that, ensure you setup these customer lists first, before designing your survey.


The survey itself isn’t the prettiest thing going around. You are limited to asking only one question per survey. This makes it easy for respondents to answer, but I personally think it’s still a bit confusing to have it all going on inside an email. As for preparing the questions inside the app, the process is time consuming and isn’t very user friendly. I really don’t like how the first step is to ‘manage thermometer’ when in theory, you should be ‘managing contacts’ first, so you actually have people to send it too.

Collecting Data for Actionable Insight:

Reporting is quite robust inside Customer Thermometer. You can segment reports by each ‘email blast’ and also dig down into individual customer responses. I like this as it allows you to attach a name to the feedback, giving it more context and making it more actionable. A lot of the tools I’ve looked at in this blog post lack this core functionality.

Three Benefits of Customer Thermometer:

  • Reporting is pretty robust.
  • Focuses on feedback via email only, which makes it easy for respondents to reply with one click.
  • Full branding and customization.


  • $29/mth Plan includes 50 surveys/emails
  • $44/mth Plan includes 200 surveys/emails
  • $92/mth Plan includes 500 surveys/emails

Other customer satisfaction software that I didn’t get a chance to review

9. Optimove

Optimove bills itself as more of an ‘automated’ customer retention tool that helps companies reduce churn. Definitely a bit pricier than the other tools discussed here, which indicates that it’s more tailored towards bigger, enterprise companies.

10. Opinion Meter

Opinion Meter offers a solution to manage all your customer satisfaction surveys in one place. Giving you distribution across email, web, mobile, paper, kiosk and more.

Pick a customer satisfaction software tool that solves your problem

Customer satisfaction software can help you measure satisfaction which will give you insight into ways to achieve high satisfaction, build ‘sticky’ customer loyalty and reduced customer churn. Use the information listed in this post, combined with a free trial account with a couple of the tools, and find a solution that gets the job done and solves your big problems. Some tools will be better at surveying your customers, others will be better at analyzing customer feedback data, it’s up to you to determine the best fit for your company.

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