9 Customer Feedback Software Tools: Comparison & Review

customer feedback software tools

Customer feedback is an essential component in every modern business’ tool kit. In today’s world, we run our businesses in very competitive environments. Your customers have plenty of options and your competitors are always ready to swoop in to steal them away from you.

In order to remain a strong competitor, you’ve got to keep your customers happy. Customer feedback software can help you measure and improve customer satisfaction, identify unhappy customers, reduce churn and get valuable insight from customers as to how you can improve your product or service.

Did you know that 96% of unhappy customers don’t complain and that 91% of them will simply choose to never do business with you again?

As business owners, we need to be asking our customers for feedback throughout the entire customer experience. You can use any number of ways to gather feedback.

Today we’re going to focus on customer feedback software. We’re going to take a look at nine of the best tools available on the market.

As I compare these customer feedback tools, I will be evaluating each one based on the following criteria:

  • How good they are at collecting feedback
  • How good they are at interpreting, analyzing and acting on the feedback
  • The unique features and benefits that make it different to the other tools
  • Pricing and plans

1. GetFeedback


GetFeedback is a visually appealing feedback tool that really focuses on the end user experience. You can create surveys with attractive images and customize the colors and fonts to fit your brand.

Scott Holden, Vice President of Marketing at Salesforce, is a big advocate of the tool. He’s able to get “authentic, timely, emotional feedback from a customer that is more like a conversation than it is like a survey.”

For your end customer, filling out a GetFeedback survey is a breeze. The mobile-responsive designs make it accessible on all devices, which their website says is essential in today’s busy world where we need to be able to receive feedback on the go.

Collecting feedback:

This survey tool works pretty much like any digital survey you’ve used before. You send your clients a link to the survey, they submit their answers for the questions and you receive the data for analysis. GetFeedback is particularly easy to use and engaging. You can add rich media to the questions which is beneficial when you want to ask for feedback on a particular product or video.

Interpreting and analyzing the feedback:

The feedback analysis is similar to what you’ll find with generic survey tools. Data is automatically put into graphs, making it easy for you to quickly evaluate the most and least popular responses. One drawback with GetFeedback is that it does not offer the ability to follow up with customers inside the app or to track changes in customer feedback over time.

Three unique benefits:

  • Ability to use rich media (images, video) in the survey
  • Ability to customize background image and survey fonts for a better user experience
  • Simplicity of use, making it a great tool for beginners

Plans and pricing:

  • Free plan gives you 10 responses per month
  • Paid plans start at $20 per month for100 responses and go up to $120 per month for10,000 responses

2. Client Heartbeat

client heartbeat

Client Heartbeat is a customer feedback tool that enables you to send surveys to customers via email and measure customer satisfaction over time. What makes the tool unique is that it gives you the option to use your data as a benchmark to compare your customer satisfaction scores against similar companies in your industry and region.

Case Study: R & G Technologies tracks satisfaction to identify ‘at risk’ clients

Collecting feedback:

Client Heartbeat makes it really easy to get feedback from customers. Firstly, it sells itself on getting the industry’s best response rates with an average of 60%. They can do this because they have a limit of six questions and they only ask rating-based questions where customers select a number, 1 – 10, for each question to describe their satisfaction.

The tool lets you automate the customer feedback process based on time periods. You can set the survey to automatically go out every three months and you don’t have to touch a thing. Set and forget.

Interpreting and analyzing the feedback:

All your feedback comes back into an easy to use dashboard. From there, quickly see trends in customer satisfaction across your company and across individual customers. You’ll be able to identify your customer advocates and see who is unhappy and might have one foot out the door.

Compare your scores against other companies in your industry. You can see how far off you are from the industry average and dig through the data to see the areas where you need to improve. Client Heartbeat lets you group your contacts by a specific account manager or subsidiary. This allows for easy organization of every one of your clients and adds the ability to hold each account manager or department responsible for their customers’ feedback.

Three unique benefits:

  • Measures and tracks customer satisfaction over time allowing you to measure the success of new satisfaction initiatives
  • Identifies unhappy customers based on past scores to alert you to take action to prevent them from cancelling or leaving
  • Simple and automated: set it up once and your customer feedback can be put on autopilot

Plans and pricing:

  • $25 per month plan includes up to 50 contacts and two surveys per year

3. CustomerSure


CustomerSure offers a tool that helps you gather, manage and respond to customer feedback. The tool bills itself as a customer satisfaction tool and offers a range of features from sending surveys, to collecting testimonials and running a help desk.

Collecting feedback:

CustomerSure collects feedback by sending surveys to your customers via email. Your customers will fill out the surveys and the feedback will be collected into a customer service dashboard where you can find and fix problems.

Interpreting and analyzing the feedback:

CustomerSure offers a similar level of customer satisfaction monitoring as Client Heartbeat. You can track scores over time so you can see if customer satisfaction has increased or decreased. This gives you better context than traditional feedback tools or online surveys.

Three unique benefits:

  • Ability to trend customer satisfaction from one period to the next
  • A customer service widget that lets you ask for feedback right from your website
  • Additional features like reviews and a help desk make it a rounded platform for those looking for more than just a customer feedback tool

Plans and pricing

  • $49 per month includes one survey and unlimited responses.

4. mycustomerfeedback.com

my customer feedback tool

Mycustomerfeedback is a simple tool that focuses on helping small businesses control complaints and feedback. Their customer feedback tool collects responses and lets you create workflow processes to take action after feedback has been received.

The company has a strong focus on the financial services, hospitality and food/drink industries wherein rigid compliance regulations are common. For example, the tool meets the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) requirements in the UK.

Collecting feedback:

The tool offers full customization to suit your business needs, as well as the ability to capture feedback across multiple formats, including voice file, image or email.

Interpreting and analyzing the feedback:

Mycustomerrfeedback has inbuilt case management features that let you customize workflows around your business requirements. This is great for industries with strict compliance regulations. Furthermore, it provides some intelligence around identifying the root causes of issues so you can follow up and resolve them quickly.

Three unique benefits:

  • Tailored plugins for the financial services and hospitality industries to help in meeting compliance obligations
  • Customizable with great flexibility
  • Automated case handling and workflow processing increases productivity

Plans and pricing:

  • Standard edition starts from $95 per month (55 pounds).

5. SurveyMonkey


SurveyMonkey is a popular online survey tool that is used by millions of businesses across the world. It has a wide range of features that will let you create effective customer feedback surveys. But SurveyMonkey is just a survey tool; you won’t get much more than the option to ask questions and gather responses. There is no tracking of customer feedback or a means to manage the feedback. You’ll need to take the data outside of SurveyMonkey to do anything like that.

Collecting customer feedback:

SurveyMonkey surveys are pretty basic, but they do the trick. You set up a survey and send out the link to all of your customers. You are limited with how much you can customize the survey, which is not ideal as branding and personalization play a significant role in achieving high response rates. In fact, you can expect response rates between 5-15% with SurveyMonkey.

Interpreting and analyzing the feedback:

SurveyMonkey is good for getting feedback for one-off events. You might want to know what someone thought about your recent event or your product demo. But if you want to measure overall satisfaction and you plan to survey them again in three, six or 12 months’ time, SurveyMonkey isn’t going to be the best tool. Since it doesn’t correlate the surveys, you won’t be able to measure and track satisfaction from one survey to the next using their site alone.

Three unique benefits:

  • Easy to use and free to get started
  • Good for one-off surveys as it does offer good flexibility
  • Well-polished product that is trusted by millions of businesses

Plans and pricing:

  • Free plan gives you up to 10 questions and 100 responses per month (SurveyMonkey branding)
  • Paid plan starts from $20 per month and gives you unlimited questions and unlimited surveys per month (no branding)

6. Get Satisfaction

get satisfaction tool

Get Satisfaction is a community platform tool that helps you get customer feedback, act on feedback and share feedback with other customers. You can use the tool to get actionable feedback from customers, but also share that feedback with the greater community. This benefits everyone because when other customers have similar questions, you’ll already have an answer. If you’re looking to get feedback for new product developments, Get Satisfaction lets you ask your customers for input and have them vote on their favorite ideas.

Collecting feedback:

The tool has a widget that you can place on your website. This widget can be ‘stuck’ on the side of your website and also embedded on a page. By clicking on the widget, a popup appears and the customer can select from four categories: ask a question, give praise, share an idea, and report a problem. Once submitted, the feedback enters the system where you or even other community members can respond.

Interpreting and analyzing the feedback:

The tool isn’t designed to give you much analysis around the feedback. There are only some metrics and reports around the questions. And, there is no analysis or intelligence around the feedback itself.

Three unique benefits:

  • Harnesses the power of your community to gather and leverage customer feedback
  • Great way to identify and empower your customer advocates
  • Easily integrates with your CRM, help desk, marketing automation and social media tools

Plans and pricing:

  • Plans start from $1200 per annum ($100 per month) and included unlimited users and unlimited surveys.

7. Hively

hively feedback tool

Hively focuses on measuring customer satisfaction. This is great because it means they only ask two questions: how happy are you and why? As a result, response rates will be higher because it will take less time to complete.

I also like the way Hively lets you attach specific employees to the satisfaction surveys. This means you can associate feedback from customers to the individual employee who is responsible. Hively ‘gamifies’ this process and has an inbuilt leaderboard that you can use to track everyone’s ‘scores.’ It’s a nice way to keep the team motivated and reward staff who are delivering ‘above and beyond’ customer expectations.

Collecting feedback:

Hively focuses on getting feedback from your customers via your website and email. You can include a widget on your site that lets customers rate the experience with a smiley, neutral or unhappy face. Additionally, you can include the survey in the footer of your emails.

I particularly like putting the survey in the emails. They make it really easy to integrate if you are using any of the leading help desk tools like Zendesk and Help Scout.

Interpreting and analyzing the feedback:

The tool tracks, trends and measures customer happiness across multiple surveys. I particularly like how it can give you deep insight into how satisfaction changes over time. It has easy to use filters that let you segment the important data. For example, you can break down the data based on individual customers and you can break down the data for each individual team member.

Three unique benefits:

  • One of the only tools that lets you embed the survey inside an email
  • Syncs easily with help desk tools like Zendesk and Help Scout
  • Inbuilt functionality to track team performance and reward people who are doing a great job

Plans and pricing:

  • Get started with a free plan which gives you unlimited surveys and only three users
  • Upgrade to premium for $15 per month to access more features and add more users

8. Typeform


Typeform bills itself as a “beautiful online survey and form builder” and I certainly agree with them. The tool gives you the power to create visually appealing surveys that can be branded and personalized.

Collecting feedback:

With regard to collecting feedback, it has all the basic options that you would expect from a form builder. But they do offer a few unique ways of displaying the questions. For example, you can use stars or cats on your rating scale.

You can change the colors, choose from over 50 fonts and add a custom background image. This added personalization means you can create a survey that doesn’t look like the other boring ones out there. You can brand it so it looks like it is coming from your company. This will increase the likelihood of your customers trusting it and completing it.

Interpreting and analyzing the feedback:

Just like what you would expect with traditional online survey tools, you can analyze the results from your survey and download it in Excel format. I do like how it lets you segment response rates by device: you can see how many people are engaging with your survey across desktop, tablet and smartphones.

There is a ‘custom reports’ feature that is coming soon, they tell me, which will allow for customization using graphics, texts, videos and images. This allows you to pull in all your data and neatly organize it for better analysis and sounds promising.

Three unique benefits:

  • Complete control and customization of design, creating a branded experience
  • Custom reports make it easy to digest the important data
  • Mobile first approach – the surveys are designed to be completed on mobile


  • Typeform is free for basic forms
  • Upgrade to unlimited PRO forms for $25 per month. The biggest advantages of PRO are logical jump features, payment options (Stripe), hidden fields, email notifications and no Typeform branding.

9. Promoter.io


Promotor.io is primarily a tool that helps you measure your net promoter score. But I wanted to include it in this list because measuring this in conjunction with customer loyalty provides the key components of customer feedback.

The tool works by sending customers an email and asking them one question: How likely would you be to recommend us to a colleague or friend? From there, they click a rating from 1-10 and get taken to a follow up page that asks why they responded the way they did. This extra feedback is used to give you more insight into their answer and help you improve the customer experience moving forward.

Collecting feedback:

Net promoter score has been proven to be a great way to measure customer loyalty and satisfaction. Although it seems very simple and Promotor.io is only asking two questions, the benefit is that it’s easy. Customers don’t have to spend lots of time filling out the survey.

I definitely wouldn’t recommend using Promoter.io as your only means to gather feedback, but I do think it is a good tool to add to your arsenal.

Interpreting and analyzing the feedback:

The tool makes it easy to quickly see who’s happy (promoters) and who’s not (detractors). This is important so you can make sure your team addresses the problematic customers before they start walking out the door.

Additionally, I like the ‘top trends’ feature that lets you see trends in the feedback you are receiving. For example, if there seems to be a lot of ‘support’ keywords received in the customer feedback, you can use that insight to dig a bit deeper. Maybe support isn’t meeting customer expectations?

Three unique benefits:

  • Focuses on net promoter score
  • Simplicity in only asking two questions, thereby increasing response rates dramatically
  • Actionable insight: one of the best tools I’ve reviewed to help you quickly determine who your unhappy customers are and why

Plans and pricing:

  • Solo plans start from $39 for up to 500 surveys per month.

What customer feedback tools do you use?

Customer feedback software tools can help you keep customers happy. The tools we have reviewed today should be used in conjunctions with other customer feedback strategies to ensure you are creating lots opportunities to get valuable feedback from your customers.

I challenge you to try a couple of the tools listed here and see if they are a good fit for your company.

Your thoughts? What customer feedback tools do you use? Have I left any off my list? Let me know in the comments below.

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Ross Beard was on the marketing team at Client Heartbeat, the simple customer feedback tool. Learn how Client Heartbeat makes improving customer satisfaction easy.

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    • http://rossbeard.com Ross Beard

      What are unique benefits of Feedback Lite and how much does it cost?

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      How does it work? There’s no information on your website.

  • George Mink

    UseResponse – it’s different from current services, provided as self-hosted software – http://www.useresponse.com

  • http://www.gorocketfuel.com/ Joel Cagliari

    Personally, I find it really hard to understand why users quit your app. The quitters aren’t exactly willing to give you feedback, right?

    So here’s a couple of tricks for getting them speak:
    1. Send an “farewell email” instead of “welcome email”! Wait until the user leaves your site, then follow up with “Farewell, [name]!” subject. It’s not what the user expects — and exactly what grabs his/her attention.
    2. Rig your app with feedback bombs. I use ClientHeartbeat for automated surveys, wishpool.me for in-app user suggestions. The goal here is to automate as much as possible, because expending any manual effort on those who already left is hardly ever justified.
    ClientHeartbeat + Wishpool catch a ton of feedback anyway 🙂
    3. Make your *existing* users live the onboarding experience once again — by directing them to the test site. Tell them there’s a new feature you’re not sure about, and you’d like to get their feedback. Then sneak in a few questions about onboarding. Just make sure that new feature (“the bait”) really exists.

    For optimizing new user flow, these techniques are an excellent use of your time. Cheers!

    • Bennet Holmes

      Just how many online surveys can we reasonably ask people to complete per day/week/month? I prefer feedback given on the spot in store for example. http://www.Qwesteo.com has found a great way to collect customer feedback in the store where the real unbiased opinion is best collected. Its amazing just how many people want to express their feedback when presented with an inoffensive, unobtrusive tablet with a few smiley buttons.

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    I recommend taking Feedback Lite for a spin. It’s a really easy to use website feedback tool and provides heaps of ability to customize your campaigns. For the price, it definitely offers features you would expect from much more expensive options.

    Check it out at http://www.feedbacklite.com

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    I’d also recommend using Voice of Customer. Fully customizable real-time feedback tool. It also comes with bunch of other tools to optimize your website for UX and conversion.

    • gameplan

      There’s no price schedule on their site. You have to send in an application. Therefore, Voice of Customer is useless to me. It they aren’t able or don’t want to show prices up front, then I’m not interested in their product. It’s that simple. Note al the author’s examples have pricing attached to the service.

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    There is one inherent problem with most customer feedback systems. What is customer feedback? It can be an email survey – think surveymonkey, a in-site survey, a customer community such as made by getsatisfaction mentioned here. In short, it’s a very broad term that can apply to piles and piles of software solutions.

    It seems like customer feedback should be a part of your support. NOT marketing but part of the arsenal that’s used by everyone, including support, dev teams, managers, designers, marketers. Just ran across another a tool that fits the bill exactly. It’s called Helprace.

    The main driving force behind that idea is that customer-facing companies should aim to “kill two birds with one stone” and incorporating their customer service and marketing strategy together via customer feedback. Let me know what you think!

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    I want to recommend punchnote.com . With punchnote, you can track feedback at a micro level and identify which of your assets are working for you and which are not

  • Richard Pike

    Does anyone know of a system that works with software that is installed behind a company’s firewall ? We sell software that’s installed and I need to add a feedback tool but can’t have it bring the user out into the public web. Maybe such a tool could gather data and then email me reports ?

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    I’d also add Wootric: http://wootric.com. Great for online businesses that want to ask for customer feedback right in their web or mobile app, or website. Asking the Net Promoter Score survey question “in-app” (vs. email) generally doubles your response rates and gives you truly real-time feedback.

    Wootric offers a a robust Free plan that includes unlimited surveys and lifetime tracking of your business’s NPS score.

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    You should definitely check out SIFT for the analysis of customer feedback! The app is completely cloud-based and uses natural language processing and machine learning to make sense of your customer data in minutes. Check it out here: http://www.siftnlp.com

  • http://www.encocreative.com Ratko Ivanović

    Great resources! Can’t believe something as beautiful as Typeform is so simple to setup and use. In the past setting up forms was somewhat easy but quite hard to have them beautiful.

    I’d add Conflux, a new tool to manage feedback, it’s not so much for collecting as it is for taking action on feedback and linking it with the company’s product department. See here: https://cnflx.io/

  • Tony McKenzie

    Lots of great tools. Another customer feedback and engagement site readers should look at is http://www.simplefeedback.com.

  • jameswalsh02

    great article. Our company has used usertesting and feedbackerr.com with great results. After staring at a project for weeks you start to lose perspective- it’s helpful to get an outside opinion.

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  • Carton Brock

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