15 Customer Experience Statistics You Cannot Ignore (Infographic)

Are you still not taking ‘the customer experience’ seriously? Do you not see the value in it?

Here are some jaw-dropping statistics to help shed light on why the customer experience can no longer be ignored.

Customer Experience Statistics Infographic

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  • Badie Darwazeh

    I would have thought that the figures should be reversed on the last point. Could anyone please explain how commerce would spend more money on repeat customers than on new ones.

    • http://blog.clientheartbeat.com/ Ross Beard

      Hi Badie,

      Companies recognize repeat customers have bigger order sizes and purchase more often.

      For example, at Zappos… 75% of purchases come from returning customers, and repeat customers order more than 2.5 times every 12 months.

      With those numbers it’s no surprise companies spend more on keeping repeat customers happy and coming back for more.

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