Client Testimonial Guide: 3 steps to successful testimonials

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Testimonials can do wonders for your business. They are a great way to help establish credibility, built trust and give you an opportunity to prove claims about your product or service.

Client testimonials also help you convert more prospects into paying customers.

Today I’m going to take you through my three step guide to client testimonials:

  1. How to ask for testimonials
  2. What to ask for in your testimonials
  3. How to display your testimonials

Step 1: How to ask for the testimonial

This is often the hardest step for many companies. In reality, it’s the easiest. Neil Patel wrote an article on how to effectively use testimonials which has some great discussions in the comments. One user asked, but where do you find testimonials?

Here are two ways you can get testimonials:

  • Ask! Give your customers a call ask if they’ve been happy to write a testimonial
  • Use Client Heartbeat – a business tool that automates the testimonial gathering process

Step 2: What to ask for in your testimonials

So you’ve taken the leap and actually asked your client for a testimonial. They then hit back with… well what do you want me to say?

Heck, some may even ask you to write it for them and send over for approval (these are my favorites).

I read an article by Richard Tubb on client testimonial mistakes this week. He goes through some great tips on being specific when asking for testimonials. Here’s a bit from what he had to say:

So it’s often the case that when we do pluck up the courage to ask for a testimonial, the client will ask us “What should I say?”.

It’s at this stage you need to have a story in mind. If your client testimonial simply says “Joe’s MSP are really good guys”, well, that’s nice – but it isn’t very compelling is it?

You should be asking your client to specifically write about the benefits they received from your service. Testimonials with benefits make an extremely valuable sales tool.

Here’s a good example of a testimonial R & G Technologies received:

“We have been very impressed at the outcome of all projects, and have seen productivity increase and IT headaches drop dramatically”

– Lynn Card, CEO of Xavier.

Note here the two big benefits R & G is pushing through this testimonial; 1) productivity increase, and 2) reduce IT headaches.

Oh and guess what – these two benefits are the focus of R & G Technologies’ marketing strategy.

I also recommend building testimonials around your service and product offerings. So if you’re an MSP, try getting testimonials around IT Support, Vendor Management and On-site Support.

Step 3: How to display your testimonials


A good customer testimonial that is displayed in the right way, can increase trust in your company. When displaying testimonials on your website and in your marketing material, it’s important to consider the three following questions:

  • Do you have a client photo? Richard Tubb recommends including a client photo to reinforce the genuineness of your testimonial. Client testimonials that don’t have photographs are considered much less believable than client testimonials that do.
  • Do you have a video? Video is going gangbusters and video testimonials are something you should look into. Denise Wakeman talks about using video testimonials for more visibility on the web – read her article here.
  • Are you using the right images/icons/graphics? When you see a speech bubble or a quotation mark, you know it’s a testimonial. When displaying your client testimonials, make sure you follow these general guidelines. Learn more about the guidelines by reading this blog post on five ways to display testimonials.

There it is. Hopefully you can take something away from this client testimonial guide. Remember these three steps and start using client testimonials to close more sales.

If you’re like me and find it hard to get testimonials, I recommend trying Client Heartbeat. This tool can automate the testimonial process for you.

Three reasons I recommend Client Heartbeat:

  • Easy to get new client testimonials without lifting a finger
  • You get the testimonials on publically accessible pages that can be shared with anyone, including your new prospects
  • Inbuilt sharing functionality which gives you the ability to share testimonials via LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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