Client Heartbeat Mondays: How I taught my team to close 20% more sales [video]

client heartbeat mondays

Do you want to know the tips and tricks to closing more sales right from the horses mouth?

In today’s video episode of Client Heartbeat Mondays, Gordon takes you through six ways he increased his MSP sales conversion rates by 20%.

Here’s what you’re going to learn in today’s video:

  • Pre-Qualify your prospects: Don’t chase every prospect, focus on vetting them first and pour your energies into the ones that are the right fit.
  • Bring them into the office: This shows a level of commitment from your prospect and gives you an opportunity to build a relationship while introducing your staff.
  • Sell on value: Quantify intangible IT costs like lost productivity, downtime and staff frustrations. By putting a number around these intangible costs, you can sell on what your prospect is willing to pay.
  • Show you’re better: Everybody has the same sales pitch. You need to differentiate and show that you’re better than competitors. Do this by winning awards or using Client Heartbeat.
  • Farm your customers: Start nurturing your customers, continuously market to them via email, but remember to always add value.
  • Get testimonials: Testimonials are worth gold. The more you get, the better!

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