How to use social media to improve customer satisfaction

It costs a company $234 every time they lose a customer. Whether you’re the marketing manager or business owner, I know you don’t want to be the one responsible for losing the next BIG customer. That’s why I propose you start using social media to monitor and increase customer satisfaction.

I believe that to deliver a superior level of customer service, you need to be able to deliver it through a medium that your customer actually wants to use. As your customers move to other forms of media, it is your job to stay ahead of the curve and be where they are.

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What is a Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Customer satisfaction surveys help companies measure satisfaction, identify unhappy customers and find potential advocates. For most companies, customer satisfaction ratings can have powerful effects. Firstly, they help focus employees on the importance of fulfilling and exceeding customer expectations. Secondly, when satisfaction ratings dip, they warn of potential problems that can affect future revenue. Customer satisfaction … Read More →

Improve Satisfaction and Retain Customers

A simple customer feedback tool that surveys customers, measures satisfaction and identifies unhappy customers.

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Improve Customer Satisfaction

Client Heartbeat sends personalized email surveys to your customers on a periodic basis to measure customer satisfaction. Use the data and feedback to focus on improving overall satisfaction.

Retain More Customers

By using past scores and industry data, Client Heartbeat identifies unhappy customers are 'at risk' of defecting to competitors. Get instant email notifications so you can follow up and stop them from leaving.

Gather More Feedback

Our surveys get industry high participation, often over 60%. This means you get more actionable customer feedback that you can use to improve satisfaction.