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Ross Beard was on the marketing team at Client Heartbeat, the simple customer feedback tool. Learn how Client Heartbeat makes improving customer satisfaction easy.

Customers Don’t Buy Products and Services – They Buy Experiences

“Customers are no longer buying products and services – they are buying experiences delivered via the products and services.” – Tweet This Those are the words of Gregory Yankelovich, customer experience veteran and CEO of Customer Experience IQ. As businesses around the world realize they are now competing in highly commoditized markets, we accept that … Read More →

The 10 Most Read Customer Experience Articles on LinkedIn

Customer experience is a hot topic at the moment. Here is a list of the 10 most read customer experience articles on LinkedIn’s publishing platform. 1. Research: Why and How Organizations are Adapting for the Digital Customer Experience By Brian Solis – Principal Analyst, Altimeter Group “Digital transformation represents the next big thing in customer experience and … Read More →

The Customer Service Experience: Five “Best in Class” Tactics

Anne Franz, customer experience executive at Confirmit, believes that the “customer experience is the sum of all the interactions that a customer has with a company over the course of the relationship cycle.” She goes on to say that the difference between customer service and customer experience is simple: “customer experience is what the customer … Read More →

Why Customer Experience is Important: 7 Reasons

Customer experience is the practice of designing and reacting to customer interactions for the purpose of meeting or exceeding customer expectations, thereby, increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy. A positive customer experience is important in that customers are savvy and have the power choose between competing companies, which offer varying levels of customer service from … Read More →

Improve Satisfaction and Retain Customers

A simple customer feedback tool that surveys customers, measures satisfaction and identifies unhappy customers.

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Improve Customer Satisfaction

Client Heartbeat sends personalized email surveys to your customers on a periodic basis to measure customer satisfaction. Use the data and feedback to focus on improving overall satisfaction.

Retain More Customers

By using past scores and industry data, Client Heartbeat identifies unhappy customers are 'at risk' of defecting to competitors. Get instant email notifications so you can follow up and stop them from leaving.

Gather More Feedback

Our surveys get industry high participation, often over 60%. This means you get more actionable customer feedback that you can use to improve satisfaction.