5 ways to identify a customer is about to leave you [VIDEO]

5 ways identify a customer is leaving

“There’s nothing worse than bringing on a new contract and than finding out your long-standing client worth $100K/year has decided to cancel” says Gordon Tan, Director of R&G Technologies.

Monthly recurring revenue is key to the success of a service based business, in particularly Managed IT Service businesses.

In this weeks video episode of Client Heartbeat Mondays, Gordon takes you through five ways to identify a customer is about to leave you. 

During a recent benchmarking study, Gordon and the Client Heartbeat team went out to speak with companies and find out why, what and when customers cancel their contracts.

From the research, Gordon identified these five key indicators that can warn you a customer is about to leave:

  • Asking for passwords and credentials
  • Stops wanting to meet with you
  • Goes quite about recurring problems
  • Stops responding to feedback and doesn’t reply to emails
  • The one common tool companies used to help stop BIG customers from leaving

Watch the full video with detailed recommendations here:

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